Tuesday, March 18, 2003

A new weblog (and new weblog software): I've been a pMachine user for some time now and only with reluctance have I begun fiddling with a homegrown weblog solution (in parallel with continued pMachine use and hacking). This might seem more than a little hypocritical since within the volunteer group for our school website I've been arguing vociferously for using commercial weblog tools rather than custom code. But, it is kind of consistent because my home-grown tool is just a thin, thin layer on top of email. The idea is to use IMAP message folders as the content database and therefore enabling use of vanilla email clients for weblog entry creation and (more interestingly) weblog management. So far so good - a little weekend hacking has resulted in a first cut at IMPblog. My active thread of musing will move to that weblog for a while - whether that becomes the "real" weblog is still a bit in doubt.

In any case, I think the point of this particular thread is over. Our school web site, built on pMachine, is thriving and I've now got several non-technical folks posting their own content. There are a total of 6 different weblogs spliced into the site, as well as a dynamic event calendar. So to me it's no longer a question of "whether" weblog technology is a good idea but "how" to apply weblog technology in the most pervasive and useful ways, and "what" kind of weblog technology is most suitable in the real-world school environment.