Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Long time, no post: Three months back, I stopped talking to myself and started actually working on a weblog-based school site. But since (surprise!) several people actually noticed this experimental weblog I feel obliged to provide an update. The first results are now live at Bryant Elementary School . While it may not be apparent, the home page news section, event calendar, and principals corner page are all powered by pmachine. This is just a first step towards empowering teachers and students to use weblog software. I've been very pleased with pmachine, particularly its flexibility out-of-the-box with in effect inside-out templates. Also with its modularity and accessibility when you need to get in and actually make code-level changes. Of which I had to do several to accomodate the unusual requirement that the weblog components (for the time being) integrate invisibly underneath a ColdFusion-based skeleton site architecture.

This weblog, which was just an experiment in the first place, may stay cold for a while until phase two - empowering of non-tech-savvy educators - begins. Or not, we'll see. There remains a real difference of opinion within the team who developed the site regarding the need to empower end users as well as re: the value of off-the-shelf CMS/weblog tools - truce was declared so that we could actually get a site launched (and hence the IMO completely gratuitous ColdFusion layer) but subsequent developments may merit more discussion.